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KEY Features 

SOPwerks will deliver a foundation of SOPs which are automatically created based on information gathered during your onboarding.


Additionally MSP's can:

  • Customize available SOP templates

  • Create new SOP templates

  • Create your own Work Instructions (step-by-step instructions)

  • Attach Files, Documents, Forms, Diagrams, PDF's, applications, etc. to a SOP.
  • Create public read-only links to specific SOP's
  • Provide 'Client Collaboration' rights to create or modify published SOP's
  • Centrally update all client SOP's from a single template
  • Access new templates uploaded by MSPwerks regularly

product glimpse

Onboarding Wizard

Onboarding Wizard

The onboarding wizard will collect all the information about how you operate your MSP, what IT Standards you follow and require for your team and clients. Follow up questions will appear depending on your response.

Built-in Templates


Choose from a catalog of Prebuilt SOP Templates which were generated based on your onboarding wizard responses. Choose to customize further or publish as is to your client portals. 

Simple WYSIWYG Editor

Professional Templates

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