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Why Should MSPs Share Their SOPs With Clients

Successful MSP's Share SOP's with Clients
SOP's Demonstrate an MSP's Competence

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) offer many benefits to an MSP. An MSP can streamline their processes and grow if they invest the time and resources to create an SOP. They can provide a better and more consistent service to their clients. At MSPWerks we believe that sharing your SOP’s with your clients is a business best practice and we can’t recommend it enough. 

Sharing your standard operating procedures with your clients offers your business the following benefits:

Predictable Results

One of the key benefits of sharing your SOP’s with clients is that they are aware of the expected result for any process. That facilitates your MSP to set clear expectations and communicate effectively with your client.

Helps build a stronger business relationship

When an MSP establishes clear lines of communication, provides predictable results, and consistent service, they are going to be greatly appreciated by their clients. Clients too are looking for dependable partners to maintain a long working relationship with. So when you share your standard operating procedures with your clients, you are able to build a strong business relationship with them.

Easier to review and refine SOP

An SOP is a dynamic document which needs to be reviewed and refined for greater business success. Your quarterly business review (QBR) is a great opportunity to evaluate and present your processes and implement the same standards (SOP) with your clients. You can present where the client has GAP’s and guide them into alignment within industry best practices (aka your standards). Not only will this process open the lines of communication between you and the client, but you will likely be involved in the decision-making process. When you share and provide SOP's for your clients, you not only set yourself up for success but you are also helping to protect their interests so they can focus on their core business.

Greater accountability

While all organizations would prefer to stick to their standard operating procedures, they do deviate sometimes. When you share your SOP's with your clients, and your clients agree to abide by the same standards for their own organization, you can hold each other accountable and therefore remain committed to following them to the letter. When you follow your SOP's, you have greater chances of achieving success with your processes.

Greater MSP success

We recommend sharing your SOP's with not just your clients, but with your prospective clients too. Your prospects can clearly see your operational maturity, expertise and organizational skills of your MSP. Demonstrating your SOP's and impressing them with these details can help you close the deal, work with great clients and achieve greater business success.

When you share your SOP with your clients, you are setting yourself up for greater success by not only creating a strong business partnership with them but also helping them to align to industry standards which will lead them to optimal business performance.

Unsure about where and how to start writing your first SOP? We can help. At MSPWerks we help businesses streamline their technical and operational workflow by creating standard operating procedures for them. We provide customized SaaS solutions tailored to best fit the needs of your business.

About SOPwerks

Ready to create SOP's for your MSP business? We can help! Our mission at MSPwerks is to develop MSP tools targeted to help MSP's run their business, reduce employee stress, increase overall productivity, and generate healthy revenue. Our MSP tool, SOPwerks, is an easy-to-use, online platform that makes creating quality SOP's simple and fast. Create your own SOP from scratch or use one of our MSP SOP templates filled with checklists designed by MSP industry experts. Learn more here:

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