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Too Small to Run a QBR? Think again!

I cannot tell you how many times we have heard MSP’s make the same mistake…

“We don’t have time to prepare for or run a Business Review”

“My customers won’t spend any money”

“My customer doesn’t have an appetite for Business Review Meetings”

“I hate anything that even sounds like a sales pitch”

“What is a Quarterly Business Review?”

And the list goes on an on…

MSP’s not having some sort of Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual review with each of their clients are making a grave mistake!


As we all know the MSP (Managed Services Provider) space is extremely competitive.

STOP IT! I know what you may be thinking… “I have a different service than my competitors, mine is better…” It's definitely a comforting lie but we all know the reality – most MSP’s are delivering the same services just with different products (Cloud, AV, Patch Management, Local Help Desk, NOC, etc)…

So can MSP owners confidently say that all their customers realize you are better than your competitors? Chances are that is not the case. So how can you truly differentiate yourself? The answer is Value!

MSP’s need to continually show their value to the customers, especially if things are running smoothly. You need to be front and center, seen as a true strategic partner. Someone who can think outside the box and help provide solutions to their client’s business needs.

Does this mean you will deliver services outside of your wheelhouse? No, but as a “Strategic” IT partner you need to point your customers in the right direction. If you don’t, someone else will. Oh and while you are at it, this is a great opportunity to align your customers with industry standards…

Why is it imperative MSP’s align their customers with their IT standards (your ideal customer setup)?

This is the only way MSP’s can reduce the chaos.

If you want to deliver a consistent service, your clients need to be on your standard! The reality is customers will benefit from your standard, (actually, it would be a disservice not to push your customers to standardize) and you will make additional project revenue in the process.

I know... some customers are hardheaded, penny pinchers or just don’t get it, but from our long experience in the MSP industry we’ve learned that while it is true, some clients may not go for your standards the first or second time… eventually with the right situation and explanation, they will steadily align.

Don’t give up!

Keep following up with your customers showing why it's in their best interest to standardize and in most cases, customers will eventually comply. In review what are the top 3 reasons you should be conducting a Business Review?

REASON #1: Differentiate yourself from you competitors – remind your customers why they pay you!
REASON #2: Be a strategic partner – help your customers solve their business issues!
REASON #3: Growth Opportunities – this is a double win, you improve your customers operations and make money in the process!

No doubt, this is what will differentiate you from your competitors, especially the big players who will not be able to provide that personal touch!

Need some help preparing a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) or would like to have a Sample Powerpoint Template Presentation? MSPwerks is here to help with our SOPwerks (SOP as a Service) solution, you will have a simple process to help prepare and conduct business reviews.

Why do we do it? Because Stress Free Werks Best.

About SOPwerks Ready to create SOP's for your MSP business? We can help! Our mission at MSPwerks is to develop MSP tools targeted to help MSP's run their business, reduce employee stress, increase overall productivity, and generate healthy revenue. Our MSP tool, SOPwerks, is an easy-to-use, online platform that makes creating quality SOP's simple and fast. Create your own SOP from scratch or use one of our MSP SOP templates filled with checklists designed by MSP industry experts. Learn more here:

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